Kid Cudi Shares A Message For Anyone Going Through It

Kid Cudi opens up about missing his mother and his daughter on Twitter.

One of the reasons why Kid Cudi connected with a whole generation of outcasts and likely saved plenty of lives while he was at it is because he never shied away from expressing his true emotions. Though we can’t deny that he’s blessed us with bangers in his career, the depth of emotion he offered with every project and every single.


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Last month, the rapper came through with the third installment in the Man On The Moon trilogy that brought fans to joy as they reminisced on the impact the first two installments had on their life. While Cudder has admittedly been in a better space in recent times, he had a moment on Twitter where he opened up to his fans, revealing some darker thoughts as he spends time away from his mother and daughter. However, he did share some encouraging words for anyone who’s feeling the same.

“Cryin cuz its good for me. Been dealin w some shit lately and needed this release. Miss my daughter, my mom. For anyone goin thru it cryin helps,” he wrote.

Plenty of fans started to send messages of support and love to the midwestern rapper, specifically other men who felt like Kid Cudi has helped destigmatize crying among men. Prayers up for Kid Cudi. Check out his tweet below.


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